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Andrei Deiu is a popular Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, YouTuber, and Social Media Influencer who is successful in multiple other businesses too. He is a fitness model, great personal trainer, and entrepreneur. Apart from these, he is a big social media celebrity and an experienced Trainer.

He faced a hard time when he was a teen, which motivated him to become what he is now. He has appeared in many bodybuilding competitions so far, and he finished in the first position in the majority of them. Andrei follows a very good diet and gym routine to maintain his body well and to be fit and muscular.

Andrei Deiu was born on 8 May 1996 in a loving family in Romania, Europe. He grew up facing a hard time in the same place. He has turned 25 years old now and is currently living in the United Kingdom.

Andrei Deiu Wiki/Bio

Andrei Deiu
Images Credit – Instagram @andreideiu_
Full NameAndrei Deiu
ProfessionBodybuilder, Fitness Model,
Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur,
Social Media Celebrity
Net Worth$2 Million USD (approx.)
Date Of Birth8 May 1996
Age26 Years Old (As of 2022)
Place Of BirthRomania, Europe
HometownRomania, Europe
ReligionNot Known
EthnicityNot Known
Zodiac SignTaurus

Physical Appearance

Andrei Deiu Height
Height5’ 9” (in ft. & in.)
1.80 m (in meters)
180 cm (in centimeters)
Weight185 lbs. (in pounds)
84 kg (in kilograms)
Eyes ColorBlack
Hairs ColorBlack
Body TypeWell-built Muscular
Shoe SizeNot Known
TattooNot Any

Andrei Deiu Workout Plan

Andrei Deiu Workout Plan

Andrei’s weekly workout routine is as follows –

Monday: Chest/Shoulders

  • (4 x 10-12) Press Ups Incline
  • (4 x 8-10) Flat Dumbbell Press (Last Set Drop Set)
  • (6 x 10-15) Seated Lateral Raises (Last Set Drop Set)
  • (4 x 10-12) Incline Barbell Chest Press (Superset)
  • (4 x 10-12) Machine Chest Fly’s
  • (4 x 10-15) Cable Fly’s Incline

Tuesday: Back/Abs

  • (5 x 10-12) Pulldowns
  • (4 x 10-12) Machine Pullovers
  • (4 x 10-12) Seated Cable Row (Superset)
  • Pull Ups 3 x Failure
  • (3 x 8-10) Deadlifts
  • (4 x 15-20) Leg Raises
  • (3 x 10-5) Cable Crunches
  • (3 x 8-10) One Arm Dumbbell Row

Wednesday: Shoulders

  • (4 x 8-10) Barbell Front Raises
  • (5 x 10-12) Standing One-Arm Lateral Raises
  • (5 x 10-15) Seated Side Lateral Raises
  • (4 x 8-10) Military Press (Superset)
  • Reverse Pec Deck Fly’s 4 x Failure
  • (4 x 8-10) Dumbbell Shrugs
  • (4 x 10-12) Seated Dumbbell Rear Delt Raises (Superset)

Thursday: Cardio/Abs

  • 1 Hour Incline Treadmill (Steady State)
  • (4 x 10-15) Cable Crunches
  • (4 x 12-15) Decline Leg Raises
  • (3 x 10) Hanging Oblique Knee Raises

Friday: Quads/Calves

  • 15 Minutes Warm Up Bike
  • (4 x 12-15) Narrow Stance Leg Press
  • (6 x 8-15) Squats
  • (6 x 10-15) Leg Extensions (Superset)
  • (5 x 16-18) Standing Calve Raises (Reduce Weight to 50% for 8 Reps)
  • (6 x 5) Single-Leg Extensions
  • (4 x 10-15) Standing Calve Raises

Saturday: Arms/Abs

  • (4 x 10-12) EZ-Bar Skull Crushers
  • (3 x 10-12) Reverse Single Arm Extensions
  • (5 x 10-15) Rope Pushdowns
  • (4 x 8-12) Reverse Barbell Curls
  • (4 x 8-10) Barbell Curls (Superset)
  • (4 x 15-20) Air Bike
  • (4 x 10-12) Seated Concentration Curls
  • (4 x 10-12) Side Lateral Leg Raises

Sunday: Hamstrings/Calves

  • (4 x 10-12) Lunges
  • (5 x 10-12) Seated Leg Curls
  • (5 x 10-12) High/Wide Stance Leg Press
  • (5 x 10-15) Calf Press (Using Leg Press)
  • (3 x 10-15) Straight Legged Deadlifts
  • (3 x 1) Standing Calve Raises

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Andrei Deiu Diet Plan

Andrei Deiu Diet Plan
  • 1st Meal: 7 Egg Whites, 1 cup Oats, 1 teaspoon Peanut Butter, 2 Whole Eggs, and 2 ounces Berries
  • 2nd Meal: 5 ounces White Rice, 7 ounces Chicken Breast, and 1 cup Broccoli
  • 3rd Meal: Chicken and 8 ounces of Sweet Potato
  • Post Workout: 1 ½ ounce Dextrose and 2 scoops of Whey Isolate
  • 4th Meal: 5 ounces Sweet Potato, 7 ounces Chicken, and 1 cup of Vegetables
  • 5th Meal: 1 cup Green Beans and 5 ounces of Steak
  • 6th Meal: Greek Yogurt or 1 cup Cottage Cheese and 1 handful of Almonds


  • Protein
  • Fish Oil
  • BCAA’s
  • Multi and Mineral Vitamins
  • Flax Seed
  • Fat Burners
  • CLA’s

Family & Relationship

Andrei Deiu Girlfriend
FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
BrotherNot Known
SisterNot Known
Marital StatusNot Known
GirlfriendNot Any


Andrei Deiu Education
SchoolNot Known
College/UniversityNot Known


Andrei Deiu

Andrei Deiu was an introverted kid in his school days. He used to eat a lot of junk food and spend his entire day playing video games in a single room. As a result, he was an obese kid. For this, he was often bullied in his school which affected his mental peace. He soon realized that he has to do something to cut this bullying out. He decided to work on his physique.

Since Andrei Deiu was quite fat and very young, he was not so confident about himself whether he could overcome his bad habits and achieve a good body. But he still continued working hard and spending hours in the gym.

Soon, his results were visible. He developed a well-built muscular body in a reasonable span of time. He was just 17 years old then and he was encouraged to participate in a bodybuilding competition. He participated in the 2011 Miami Pro and to amaze everyone, won the competition.

He already had earned fame with his victory and inspiring story. He also worked on his dancing skills which eventually developed him into a good dancer. He has danced with the famous Adonis Cabaret Show.

Andrei Deiu is a highly paid fitness trainer and has changed many lives under his guidance. He also works as a fitness model. He has posed for many big fitness brands throughout his career so far. He has launched his own supplements brand. Besides, he has his own gym outfit brand, and moreover, a formal and stylish clothing brand is owned by him.

Andrei Deiu has his own website where he is making his guidance available to people online. He is very active on Instagram where he posts his workout pics and showcases his hulk body. He has over 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

He has his own YouTube channel where he posts his workout and consulting videos regarding bodybuilding. He has over 730K subscribers and is growing at a good pace. In 2020, he secured the fifth position in the big bodybuilding competition, Men’s Physique Olympia 2020. Also, read about Guru Mann.

Contacts & Social Media

Instagram@andreideiu_(5.5 million+ followers)
YouTubeAndrei Deiu (1M+ subscribers)
Facebook@andreiufit (120k+ followers)

Andrei Deiu Google Trends (Worldwide)

Some YouTube Videos Of Andrei Deiu

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