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Meow16K (Saloni Pawar) CS:GO Professional Gamer, Streamer Bio, Age, Family & more.

Meow16k (Saloni Pawar) is an Indian professional e-sports player & streamer on YouTube under the channel name of ItsMeowLive [38.8K+ subscribers]

She is a professional CSGO player and plays for Rayne E-sports India.

Rayne e-sports is the first ever e-sports who assigned all Indian All-Female CS:GO Pro Team, Saloni plays as an IGL role in their team along with Mansi “MatkaQueeN” Sottary, Iqra “BrITsy” Khan, Neha “CaspeRR” Sottany & Twinkle “Rose” Sheroff.

Meow16k aka Saloni Pawar's
Saloni Pawar
Full Name:Saloni Pawar
Profession:Professional CSGO player & Streamer
Years Active:2016-present
Famous for:One of the few female gamer
Reason behind Meow16K:Meow is because she’s very scared of cats and 16K is because she was 16 when she started playing games and also the maximum money you can get is 16K in CSGO.

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Meow16k aka Saloni Pawar’s Personal Life & Family:


Saloni belongs to a Marathi family. Saloni is a college student who is extremely passionate about gaming since her childhood.

You can catch her streaming games like Counter Strike: CSGO, Player Unknown’s Battleground, Overwatch and a variety of single player titles. Along with that she also does music and cooking streams.

Date of birth:20th September 1999
In Game Name:Meow16K
Family Background:Mrs Pawar
Father’s Name & Profession:Mr Pawar
Mother’s Name & Profession:Poonam Shirish Pawar
Siblings Name & Profession:Sukrut Pawar (Elder brother), Artist, Cosplayer
Partner’s name:Sunny @_sunny47_
Marital Status:Unmarried
Zodiac Sign:Not Known
Size:Not Known
Shoes Size:UK 5
Eye color:Black
Hair ColorBlack
Hometown: Mumbai
Place of Residence:Mumbai

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How Meow16k aka Saloni Pawar’s Started Gaming?


Saloni used to watch video games that her brother used to play since her school days. She belongs to a middle class family.

One day she was very bored and had nothing left to do, so she started playing CS1.6 offline. She felt very good and amazed after playing CS, that’s how Saloni’s journey started as a gamer.

One of her friend in 2016 suggested to stream her gameplay on Youtube. She started streaming and started getting attention and a satisfactory response.

But her aim was to play CSGO professionally, so practiced a lot.

When she started, she was the only female CSGO streamer and player from India who plays it professionally and streamed as well.

Meow16k aka Saloni Pawar’s Contacts & Social Media:

Email:[email protected]
YouTube:ItsMeowLive [38.8K + Subscribers]
Instagram:@meow16K [13.7K + Followers]
Facebook:Saloni Pawar

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Meow16k aka Saloni Pawar’s Profession:

Content creator for Global E-sports India, Asia’s fastest growing e-sports start up. Although she’s still a college student.

Lesser known facts about Saloni Pawar’s

  • She is very stubborn, lazy as well as determined towards her game in her daily life.
  • Her parents were not very supportive when she decided to pursue her career as a professional e-sports player.
  • Saloni’s parents used to frequently come into her room and yell at her while she used to be LIVE on YouTube.
  • Now when she has achieved so much in her gaming, her parents were become supportive and support her at every step.
  • Apart from streaming and gaming, Saloni is passionate about music and has been singing for the past 2 years.

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