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Debasshish Ghosh (One World One Ride) Travel, Age, Income, Business, World Ride, and More.

Debasshish Ghosh is an entrepreneur who administers two restaurants and a security agency.

Apart from his business, he came to limelight when he and his friend Dharmendra Jain [aka DJ] completed a World Ride on their motorcycles.

They are the first Indian who covered 5 continents, 35 countries, in their motorcycles in just 270 days with a total of 68000 km in total from India to World to India.

He and his friend’s “One World One Ride” journey commenced on 11th June 2017 took him across India and its northeast, Southeast Asia, Far East, China, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, then the US by shipping the bike, going again to Australia, and back to the ASEAN belt before returning to Mumbai on March 26, 2018.

Biking has always been his passion but he never thought that he would take up something like this and was largely inspired for this adventure by a television series called ‘Longway Round’ which is a similar tale of two motorcyclists.

After his World ride, he was also one of the speaker in TEDx event, where he shared his journey experiences & challenges he faces during his World Ride.

He was introduced into riding, because of his friend who sold his second hand bike to him.

His first ever riding bike was Harley Davidson, He wanted to buy a jacket for riding but ended up buying Harley Davidson bike, because he liked that bike so much.

Personal Life & Family:

Debasshish Ghosh
Debasshish Ghosh
Full Name:Debasshish Ghosh
Also Known As/Nickname:Debu
Profession & Career:Bike Rider, Entrepreneur, Traveller.
Famous For:One World One Ride” First Indian to travel the world with his bike.
Joined YouTube:Mar 15, 2016

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Personal Bio:

Debasshish Ghosh
Debasshish Ghosh
DOB: Not Known
Age:  Not Known
Birth Place & Home town:   Not Known
Early life & Education:  Not Known
Family Background:  Not Known
Father’s & Mother’s Name:  Not Known
Sibling’s Name & Profession:  Not Known
Spouse:  Not Known
Height(cm, m, ft):182 cm, 1.82 m, 6 ft,
Weight(kg, lbs):110 kg, 240 lbs
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Black
Shoes Size:UK 11

Social Media

Debasshish Ghosh
Debasshish Ghosh
Youtube:One World One Ride [287k +]
Instagram: @Debassish [64.3k +]
Facebook: One World One Ride – World Ride 2017
Twitter: @onewroldoneride [15k +]
E-Mail:[email protected]

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How One World One Ride Started?

Debasshish Ghosh
Debasshish Ghosh

Initially Debasshish Ghosh used to do small rides from places like Lonavala and nearby places.

In 2013, he came across a British TV documentary “Long Way Round”. He was inspired by this show so much that he made up his mind to commence World Ride.

It was on his “Things to do before you Die” list.

Before World Ride, he and his four friends also covered Bhutan, Nepal, London and Singapore and back to India in 2015.

His Challenges During World Ride

  • One of his greatest challenges was to get VISA. In some countries you are not allowed to apply for VISAs before six months.
  • There are a lot of logistics required while planning for the world ride. You have to research thoroughly about the countries you’re gonna visit next. For example, VISA process, their rules, VISA on arrival, If you have a USA visa then you can travel only Central American countries and South American countries except Argentina and Chile.
  • What VISA you need to apply for, tourist VISA or VISA on arrival or another one.
  • Debasshish Ghosh couldn’t do the African countries in his journey, because they asks for a Flight ticket.
  • Three things he had to plan prior –
  • He has to analyze his route first
  • Then had to plan his VISA process accordingly, which country is coming first in the route and which is last.
  • Climatic conditions.
  • It took him 2 years of planning and execution.
  • His toughest road was Imphal, there was no road from Koena to Imphal.
  • Russian countries only gives you not more than a month VISA. Russia don’t give multiple entries to Indians.
  • He had to carry 2 weeks buffer with him, because there were no restaurants in some places.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Debashish Ghosh

Debasshish Ghosh
  • During his Leh-Ladakh ride before his World ride, he met with a horrible accident and had to fly back home.
  • He was a vegetarian earlier before World ride, but for his survival, he had to eat chicken in Prague. Because he couldn’t lift his bike so had to eat fish and chicken.
  • His mother expired 4 days later when he came back from his ride.
  • The daily vlogs during his World ride are edited by her sister, He had to sent the footage to his sister daily while riding.
  • He was also wished by PM Narendra Modi before his World ride.

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Some YouTube Videos Of Debasshish Ghosh

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