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Who Was Cyrus Baxter And Why Was He Famous?

Cyrus Baxter was in the news because of his death. Moreover, after the news of his death, your social media feed might be flooded with his posts. If you do not know who he is and what he is doing, then you are at the right place.

Cyrus Baxter died in a car accident, and everyone was shocked as soon as this news broke out. He was a very popular celebrity on social media because of his content.  However, some sites claimed his real name was Cyrus Rusell, and the name Baxter is because he is a member of the social media family Baxter Boys.

In this blog, you will get to know all the details about him that are unavailable on any other platform. Moreover, you will get to see why he is so famous.

Why was Cyrus Baxter So Famous?

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Cyrus Baxter was a social media influencer and a YouTuber. Moreover, he has a Youtube channel with over a  million subscribers. He had three younger siblings and a brother. His mother and father are both social media stars.

However, people love to watch Youtube videos, and with their content, they have gotten huge recognition on the internet. Furthermore, his mother, Ebonie Baxter, also has a Youtube channel and she also sells merchandise on her channel. The father of Cyrus Baxter is also famous on social media.

Cyrus Baxter’s whole family is into content creation, and because of this, they are very popular.  Moreover, with their content, they have been able to attract a good number of subscribers to their channel and viewers to their videos.

The Death of Cyrus Baxter

Cyrus Baxter’s death news was shocking for everyone. However, his mother confirmed his death through Facebook posts. 

He was just 17 years old, and it is a big loss to Baxter’s family and all his fans. Death takes place in a car accident. His mother also confirmed that before the accident, Cyrus had also suffered from mental health issues.

Fans are paying tribute to this youtuber on social media. Moreover, in his memory, the Baxter family launched a new page. However, the family already has more than 124K subscribers on their Facebook page.

Everyone was shocked by this sudden and tragic incident. But this is a huge loss for his family. This Youtube channel was started by his father when Cyrus was a child. Over the years, people have seen the growth of Cyrus and their Youtube channel.

How Much Money Does the Baxter Family Make From Youtube?

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The Baxter family also has a huge following on Youtube and other social media platforms. Moreover, they have over 1 million subscribers on Youtube. 

However, their earnings through Youtube are not in the public domain, which is why it is not easy to guess the exact figure. But still, as they have a huge subscriber base, we can guess that the family is earning a decent figure. 

Moreover, Ebonie Baxter also has a Youtube channel, and she also sells merchandise on her channel. The family is making a good amount of money on social media.

Baxter Family Social Media Handles

The Baxter family has an Instagram account, @thebaxterboys. However, on this account, there are 1.2 million followers and 1095 posts with just 3 followers. That account belongs to all the members of the Baxter family, and you will get to know about all of them there. 

Byron Baxter is just 7 years old, and he has the superpower to make people smile. Blake is his little brother, and Arvaeyah is their sister.

Cyrus Baxter YouTube Videos

After the demise of Cyrus, his family members posted these videos on his YouTube channel to give him tribute:

Final Words

Cyrus Baxter is no more. But he will be remembered by his fans through his content. However, his death is a loss for many people, especially his family. He is well known for his Youtube videos. 

Moreover, he had the potential to grow more, but unfortunately, this is not going to happen. His fans from all over the world are pouring love on him.

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