Riya Gogoi Youtuber, Age, Family, Income, Boyfriend & More.


Riya Gogoi is an Indian Youtuber & a commentary comedian. Her comedy video includes commentary on viral memes & songs.

She is very famous on social media and people follow him because she entertain people very well.

Even I am also a huge fan of her. So let’s take a look to her biography.


Personal Life & Background

Date of Birth:1999
Age:21 [As of 2020]
Profession:Youtuber, Student
Famous for:Commentary on her Youtube videos, memes. And of course for her beauty
Family & Profession:Her hometown is in Assam, Guwahati. Her parents live there. She has 3 more sibling in her family. One is married.
Siblings:1 Brother & 2 more sisters
Hometown:Shivsagar, Guwahati, Assam
Place of Residence:Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra (Born in Assam, but moved to Mumbai in 1999 because of her father’s job)
Education:BMM from Mumbai University, [final year]
Marital Status:Unmarried

She was born and brought up in Guwahati, Assam.

But, currently living in Mumbai for her studies.

DOB: 1999, as of 2020 she is 20 years old.


Before youtube, her plan was to create a beauty channel, but she realised that she has to look good in front of the camera and there is a need of camera and mic setups too. She realised, this was not her cup of tea, so she decided to roast herself.

Her sense of humour comes from her parents.

Talking about her family she has three more siblings, she is the youngest one in the family.


Her elder sister is married. Her name is Indira Gogoi.

She has two more sisters Chandrali Gogoi & Shivani gogoi [Not sure, if they’re her real sister or not]

Riya’s mother name is Swapna Gohain Gogoi.



Riya’s plan was to go to Germany UIS for higher studies, but because her youtube channel started gaining a lot of traction on the channel she just postponed her plans and consistent on Youtube.

  • She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Mass Communication from University of Mumbai, Vidya Nagari, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra. (Class of 2020).
  • She completed her schooling from Assam.

Contact & Social Media:

Riya Gogoi’s Income:

  • As this is her starting stage of her Youtube career, she is not earning much. Her channel just got monetized.
  • But she is getting of views and likes in her Youtube funny videos.

Interests, Hobbies & Favorites:

Favourite TV shows:Hanna MontanaBrooklyn 99
Her Make up Inspiration:Bethany mota
Indian Youtube Inspiration:Saiman Says

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