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So Effin Cray is an Indian YouTube channel started by Vatsl Seth and produced by Shaeina Seth in 2015 as a hobby of creating videos. This post is all about So Effin Cray Casts. In their initial days, So Effin Cray used to voxpop on popular topics by people on the street. The So Effin Cray youtube channel has millions of subscribers and people likes to watch their sketch and comedy videos.

By that time, they shifted their whole genre and shifted in making comical and humourical videos which is created by Vatsl and produced by Shaeina. Now, they have a proper team of actors, directors, and DOP for shooting their videos.

They started by making videos for Facebook and then shifted to Instagram and then YouTube. Read this post till the end and you will see the whole So Effin Cray Cast.

So Effin Cray Wiki

So Effin Cray Cast
So Effin Cray Cast
Founder & CEO:Vatsl Seth
Producers:Vatsl Seth and Shaeina Seth
Years Active:2015-present
Famous for:Their comical and story oriented videos.
Social Media & ContactsYouTube:
So Effin Cray (5.28 million +)
So Effin Cray 2 (85K +)
Facebook: So Effin Cray (565K +)
Twitter: @SoEffinCray
Instagram: @SoEffinCray [30K +]
Email: [email protected]

So Effin Cray Creators

Vatsl Seth & Shaeina Seth

Vatsl and Shaeina Seth are couples in personal and partners in So Effin Cray.

Vatsl started this Youtube channel So Effin Cray as a hobby to showcase his filmmaking and creative process of making videos, later followed by Shaeina in their creative team of directing and producing it.

So Effin Cray Cast & Actors

Drisshti Saxena

Drisshti Saxena - So Effin Cray Casts

Drisshti Saxena is an actor and an LLB graduate, who is practicing law. Drishti has acted in 3-4 videos of So Effin Cray and because of her versatile acting in their videos, She has managed to gain a maximum number of following on her Instagram and other social media.

Drisshti has studied BLS LLB or Bachelor of Legal Science & Bachelor of Legislative Law from Swami Vivekananda College, Mumbai (2014-2019).

She is from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, and is also living in Mumbai. Apart from acting on Youtube, she has also acted on Tv channels like Star Plus in 2018.

She plays the lead female in some of the most famous videos of So Effin Cray.

Facebook:Drisshti Saxena
Date Of Birth:Not Known

Vartikkah Chauhan

Vartikkah - So Effin Cray Cast
(So Effin Cray Cast)

Vartikkah is an actress as well as worked in PR team of Bigg Boss 13 in 2019. She’s from Jodhpur and currently lives in Mumbai.

Vartikkah is an MBA graduate in Marketing Management and has also studied PR/Advertising at Wellingkar Institute of Management.

Vartikkah is the cousin of famous TV actor Dalljiet Kaur. Dalljiet was an ex-wife of Shaleen Bhanot. They got separated in 2018.

Vartikkah plays a teacher role in most the videos. Sometimes she also plays love life in several videos. Videos, where Vartikkah has been featured, are:

Facebook:Vartikkah Chauhan
Facebook Page: Vartikkah
Email:[email protected]
Birthday is on:16th June

Simran Kaur Purewal

Simran Kaur Purewal - So Effin Cray Cast
(So Effin Cray Cast)

Simran Kaur Purewal is an Indian actress, dancer, fitness enthusiast, and a gym-loving lady who has been seen in Roadies Real Heroes in 2019.

Apart from that, she is also a swimmer, an inspiring actor who has interned with VOGUE, India, and loves doing calisthenics and parkour.

By education, she is a Commerce graduate from Thakur College, while doing her bachelor’s she also gave an audition for Roadies Real Heroes in 2019.

Simran also has her own Youtube channel apart from acting in So Effin Cray, named Simran Kaur Purewal, where she uploads and showcases all her talents like swimming, dancing, workout, and calisthenics.

Facebook:Simran Kaur Purewal
Youtube:Simran Kaur Purewal
Date Of Birth:25th June 1997

Swatti Bakshi

Swatti Bakshi - So Effin Cray Cast
So Effin Cray Cast

Swatti Bakshi is an anchor, an actress, an honors degree holder & a BA graduate from Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Swatti has acted in various Hindi films like When Obama Loved Osama (2018), Hard Kaur, Dil Jo Na Keh Saka (2017), Dassehra a Telugu film in 2018, and many other roles in various shows and movies.

Swatti is basically from Chandigarh, but currently living in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

She is also a part of various Hindi channels like Starplus, AndTV, & Channel V India. Swatti also participated in Splitsvilla Season 5.

Facebook:Swatti Bakshi
Youtube:Swatti Bakshi
Date Of Birth:25th June 1990

Tejinder Singh aka Sunny aka TJ

Tejinder Singh - So Effin Cray Cast
(So Effin Cray Cast)

Tejinder Singh aka Sunny is an Indian Model and actor who has worked in various TV shows, TVCs, and for modeling.

Date Of Birth:8th Nov in Boisar, Mumbai

Sandy D Mokal

Sandy D Mokal - So Effin Cray Casts
So Effin Cray Cast

Sandy D Mokal is an actor, theatre director, and performer from Mumbai, India. Sandy is a commerce graduate from Siddharth College, Mumbai.

Sandy was born and brought in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Facebook:Sandy D Mokal
Date Of BirthNot Known

Shalini Chauhan

Shalini Chauhan - So Effin Cray Cast
(So Effin Cray Cast)

Shalini Chauhan completed her graduation and did modeling in Delhi and went for work in Mumbai.

Shalini has worked in various films and music albums in the past, and she’s a huge fan of Priyanka Chopra. Shalini has also featured in various bold cover shoots.

She was born and brought up in Fatehpur, Kanpur.

Facebook:Shalini Chauhan
Date Of Birth:Not Known

Nisha Shetty

Nisha Shetty - So Effin Cray Casts

Nisha Shetty is an actor, host and former software engineer at Capgemini, India. Nisha completed her bachelors in IT from SIES College of arts and commerce.

She hails from Mangalore and currently lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Nisha used to work in corporate jobs, in 2016 she quit her corporate life and joined So Effin Cray and has now focused more on acting and modeling. (So Effin Cray Casts)

Facebook:Nisha Shetty
Youtube:Nisha Shetty
Date Of Birth2nd Feb 1993

Sneha Bhawsar

Sneha Bhawsar - So Effin Cray Casts

Sneha Bhawsar is an Indian TV actor, and model who has also worked in So Effin Cray videos. Currently, in 2020, she is playing a character in newest Tv serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein.

Sneha has also formerly acted in Ishqbaaz, Mere Sai, Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki and has also worked with various other YouTube channels and modeling agencies.

She has also featured in a small debut role in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai in 2018. She hails from MP and has done diploma in acting from Mumbai.

Facebook:Sneha Bhawsar
Date Of Birth15th Nov 1999

Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta So Effin Cray Casts

Mohit Gupta is from New Delhi currently residing in Mumbai for work. Mohit was born on 30th September 1996 and brought up in New Delhi.

He did a diploma in acting from the Frankfinn Institute of modeling and acting. He is pursuing a course BA(P) too from Delhi University. He plays several characters in the videos of So Effin Cray and he is also featured in the movie Chhichore.

Email:[email protected]
Date Of Birth:30th September 1996

Karan Soni

Karan Soni So Effin Cray casts

Karan Soni is an Indian famous actor and also a singer too. He is working with So Effin Cray Cast and plays lead roles in So Effin Cray videos. He has a huge fan following on his social media handles.

He also does modeling and photo shoot and get popularity from there too.

So these are the all So Effin Cray Cast and Actors. There are many too, but these people act as a lead role in the So Effin Cray videos.

Date Of BirthNot Known

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