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Vedant Rusty (Vedant Kaushik) Bio, Business, Age, Family, Girlfriends, Income & more.

Vedant Rusty is an Indian Youtuber who posts videos about Pop-Intellectual contents. Vedant mainly creates breakdown videos on India’s famous celebrities like from Bollywood actors to Digital Creators.

Apart from his Youtuber career, he is also a consultant. He advises small start-ups, creators and companies in content and campaigns.

Vedant also writes blogs on his website

On his second channel, Vedant has also started his Podcast series where he breakdowns Youtuber’s personality and also interviews them. His guests were generally from Indian Youtube Space.

Currently Vedant lives in London for his Masters at King’s College.

Full NameVedant “Rusty” Kaushik (Rusty is made up)
Profession:Youtuber & Masters Student
Active since:2017-present
Famous for:Content focused Youtube videos

Vedant Rusty’s Personal Life & Family Background:

Vedant Kaushik aka Vedant Rusty was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He completed his schooling from Meerut and moved to New Delhi for his graduation and further study.

Vedant Rusty with family - CELEBROW.COM
Vedant Rusty with family – CELEBROW.COM

Vedant completed his under graduation in English Literature from Delhi University and also worked there in a startup in Gurgaon, where he handled their marketing, content, & design.

He then moved to London for his Masters and is currently stays there.

Date of Birth:1996
Birth place:Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
Nick Name:Rusty
Father’s name:Mr. Kaushik
Mother’s name:Mrs. Kaushik
Height:5.5 ft. (approx)
Weight:61kg (approx)
Hometown:Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
Lives in:Delhi Since 2014
Current Place:London, England Metropolitan Area
Religion:Hindu Brahmin

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Vedant Rusty’s Education & Schooling:

Vedant Rusty
Vedant Rusty
(Image Source – Instagram)
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Humanities from King’s College, London (2019-2020)
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Deshbandhu College, University of New Delhi (2014-2017)
  • High Schooling in Commerce & Mathematics (ISC board) from St. Mary’s Academy, Meerut Cantt. (2012-2014)
  • Schooling from St.Mary’s Academy, Meerut Cantt. (ICSE board) 2002-2012

Vedant Rusty’s Career & Experience:

From 2017, He’s been constantly engaging with MCMEs, early-age technology startups, creators and artists and consulting them with their all-round content development, brand and marketing.

Currently he is studying Digital Assets Management at King’s College London. Vedant is an English Literature graduate with Fintech & early stage start-up experience.

  • Vedant Rusty YouTube Channel & Stories with Rusty podcasts – Makes infotainment videos which focuses on brand building, contents and strategies for early age startups. He also focuses on business and personality’s breakdown videos of company or any personality. (Feb 2018-present)
  • Marketing Intern at In: Style Direct, London, Unied Kingdom (Dec2019 – Jun2020)
  • Co-Founder and Design & Marketing Lead at Shireen Poetry, New Delhi, India (Dec2016-Jun2020)
  • Content, Design and Marketing at Sqrii Fintech, Gurgaon, India (Apr2017-Sep2019)
  • Marketing Consultant at 21G Investments, Gurgaon (Oct2018-Mar2019)
  • Branding Consultant at Murginns, New Delhi (Oct 2018-Feb2019)
  • Content Strategist at Shamoor, NSP Delhi (Feb2017-Apr2017)
  • Content Developer & Writer at Wingman Marketers, New Delhi (Mar2016-Feb2017)
  • Graphic Designer & SMM Consultant at SaralHai, Indore, MP (Oct2015-Mar2016)
  • Web Content Writer at Kartrelic, New Delhi (Dec2014-Jun2015)

Why Youtube & Why “Vedant Rusty” Name

Vedant Rusty
Vedant Rusty

Why Youtube?

When he started his college in 2014, he used to do couple of dramas and debates. There he got interested in designing and video editing.

He started his youtube channel just with the purpose keeping his editing skills on point.

Vedant also finds a gap in Indian Youtube space where no people focuses more on amazing editing, everyone was focusing on content quantity and not quality.

Why Rusty?

When he was a kid, his cousin who was a big fan of Ruskin Bond’s stories. He once called Vedant as “Rusty” after listening a name from a story.

He started calling him Rusty. Ever since then his name became Rusty and his teachers, friends and everyone in his family calls him Rusty.

When he was starting his Youtube channel, he was searching for a name and ultimately named it Vedant Rusty. Since then there’s no way back.

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Vedant Rusty’s Contacts & Social Media:

Vedant Rusty
Vedant Rusty
YouTube:Vedant Rusty [142K +]
Uncut Rusty
Stories With Rusty
Tech With Rusty
You & Rusty
Stories With Rusty [Clips]  
Instagram:@vedant.rusty [24.4 K +]
Twitter:@VedantRusty [3.8K +]
LinkedIn:Vedant Kaushik
Email:[email protected] [email protected]

Vedant Rusty’s Hobbies & Interests:

  • Best series: TVF Pitchers
  • Favorite Critic channel: Tried and Refused productions
  • Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad
  • Favorite Videogame: Batman Arkham series
  • Favorite Youtubers: Emergency Awesome, Jeremy Jahns
  • Favorite Vloggers: Irfan Junejo, Taniya Khanijow, Slayy point
  • Favorite Sports & Sportsperson: Cricket & Rahul Dravid

Some Youtube Video Of Vedant Rusty

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