How To Write A Post That Will Make People Buy Any Product From You?

How to write a competitive post-mini essay on Instagram: structure, ideas, tips

Why write posts:

  • To increase audience engagement. A good post created by a professional essay editor encourages the audience to communicate in the comments.
  • Sales. The photo shows the product. And with the help of text, you can tell about it: advantages, the material of manufacture, how to use.
  • Increase audience trust. To a person or brand. You can tell stories in the post – about yourself and the company. So you get closer to the audience. This means they begin to trust you more as an expert or company.
  • Earnings. Posts by trustful essay editors with text increase the activity of the audience. The profile becomes alive – people constantly communicate in the comments and write their opinion on the topic of the publication.
  • Even the essay editor free can do more active in the audience, the more expensive advertising on your account. This is one of the popular ways to monetize your blog on Instagram.

What to write a post about: 8 ideas from a free essay editor

How To Write A Essay

First, let’s talk about the types of content.

There are three main types of posts:

Informational. These are posts that build your image as an expert, even a college essay editor. This includes training posts: for example, step-by-step instructions. Other informational posts include reviews and samples.
Selling. This type of content sells your products and services. Read more about how to write selling posts in our article.
Entertaining. Content by an online free essay editor that increases audience engagement. It can be games, polls, memes, or funny stories.

Now let’s move on to ideas – let’s see what you can write a post on Instagram about.

Ideas from essay editor online free services for your publications:

  • Welcome post. It is also called by free essay editor online post-acquaintance. If you have just registered an account, then the first post can be a short story about yourself. Write what you do. Tell us about your hobbies. Imagine that this is your business card.
  • Collections. A popular content format that can be arranged in the form of a carousel. Make a selection of the best movies, TV series, books, or courses;
  • Reviews. Make reviews of food, clothes, and services. Try to review products that relate to your field of activity. This will increase your expertise.
  • Life hacks. Share useful life hacks with subscribers: for example, essay editor free online propose this one – how to set up targeted advertising on Instagram in 10 minutes;
  • Motivational posts. They are gaining a lot of coverage. People love to read inspirational texts. Tell them about how you overcome any difficulties: for example, how you started your business and how you coped with the first problems.
  • Answers to questions. Everything is simple here – answer frequently asked questions of subscribers. But not in the comments, but in the format of a separate post or essay for media from a free college essay editor. Write a detailed answer.
  • Cases. If you provide services – for example, promote Instagram accounts – then pack your work in cases. Describe in detail how you achieved a certain result: for example, received 200 leads for only 5,000 rubles.
  • Storytelling. People love stories, the online essay editor mentioned. Tell us about how you decided to create your own blog on Instagram. Share the story of creating a company or brand.

Nine techniques for creating a selling text about a product from a free online essay editor experience

To captivate the reader, you must captivate yourself. Find non-obvious uses for the product. Delve into the details.

  1. Write for a specific person, not for a crowd

The rule via editor job works well if you offer a product for passionate people. For example high-quality sportswear, eco-friendly baby blankets, lactose-free ice cream, a collection of butterflies that an entomologist would envy… Talk only about specific problems and desires of your conditional hero – and then the text will catch on.

  1. Share sensual experience

What will a person feel when using your product? Describe in colors the sounds, smells, touches, and tastes. Luxury brands are used to creating a picturesque picture because they sell not the product itself, but status and privileges.

  1. Write with the essay editor online in a style that matches the product

Do not confuse styles. The fact that you write “luxurious”, your product will not become so.

  1. Remove clichés and empty phrases

If you catch yourself on meaningless phrases like: “cutting edge research”, “top of the line” or “high quality”, the essay editor website proposes to step away from your laptop and take a break. Think about what you really want to say and write it down.

  1. Use catchy or sensory words

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather use “Velvety, soft, melt-in-your-mouth, handmade chocolate mousse, 60% cocoa” than just “chocolate mousse”. Descriptions of taste, smell, and sound can activate an area of the brain known as the somatosensory cortex. That’s why the sentence “cool water washed over her ankles” is more compelling than “she dipped her feet in the pool”. Aim to make the somatosensory cortex of potential buyers glow with imagery.

  1. Create a time limit

Urgency and scarcity make buyers afraid of missing out on something important and push them to buy. For example, if you are worried that a gift you like will disappear in the store on the eve of March 8, the message “9 pieces left” will make you make a decision faster, professional essay editor highlights.

  1. Work with reviews

Reviews are proof that someone has already bought this product, which means that it was interesting and useful to someone. Reviews can be different:

  • Rating on a 10-point scale.
  • Review
  • Recommendation
  • Customer logo
  • Certificate
  • Article in the press
  • Even negative reviews can be turned into benefits.
  1. Update product descriptions in connection with current events

A new line in the description with college essay editor online free has appeared on the Cards Against Humanity card game page: “0 mentions of President Donald Trump”. This is a funny way to attract attention: Trump’s opponents and those who are just tired of the hype around the election will appreciate the move.

  1. Talk about those who create the product

So it will acquire personality.

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